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We Love Our Farm and What We Do!

There is so much happening on our farm. It keeps us very busy but we love it.

Kurrafalls Farm is located 25 kilometres west of Orange in NSW. The farm is named after the many Kurrajong trees that dot the farm and a spectacular natural waterfall.

At Kurrafalls Farm we use regenerative farming practices to grow wholesome ethical food and we also hand make natural skincare. Our methods of animal rotations enrich soils

and their ability to produce nutritious food.  These methods contribute to a dynamic, self-renewing system of farming that doesn’t need chemical fertilisers, pesticides or other artificial inputs.  

Our animals - Dorper sheep and Angus cattle live humane lives on our 300 acres of pasture. Sheep and cattle rotate to fresh pasture every few days. This multispecies rotational grazing leads to healthy grasses and soils.

We also practice resilient agriculture?
Resilient agriculture begins with healthy, fertile soil and aims for the highest standards of farming in harmony with nature.  Our goals for resilient agriculture include:

  • Restore and maintain soil health and fertility through composting, diversification, waste recycling, and other methods.

  • Use both natural resources and non-renewable resources efficiently and sparingly.

  • Husband animals to the highest ethical and humane standards.

  • Harness the power of natural biological cycles and ecosystem function to control weeds and pests and address other problems that arise.

  • Respect wildlife, native biodiversity and the ecosystem of which we are a part.

  • Help people discover and appreciate the sources of good food—both the land and water in which it is grown and the farmers who grow it.

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