Tray of 30 Pastured Free Range Eggs

Tray of 30 Pastured Free Range Eggs


One tray of 30 pastured eggs. Our chickens are on grass all day everyday. They are free to roam where they like, dust bathe and roost at night. They lay their eggs and roost at night in our chicken caravan.


    Our egg girls are housed in mobile “chicken caravans” and are moved around the farm to take advantage of fresh pasture and to assist our regenerative farming practices. They are protected from foxes by our Maremma Guardian Dog, Paya. They are able to express all their natural chickeness. They can scratch and forage in the ground, dust bathe in dust (or mud!) , lay their eggs in nest boxes and are able to roost on perches at night. Our stocking density is currently 1.2 chickens per hectare. The new standard for free range is 10,000 birds per hectare which we find completely unacceptable.


    Currently we only deliver to Orange every Friday.